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Since we opened the door of our Buen Pastor salon we have been lucky to meet many people, among them Afred Finnbogasin, a former Real Sociedad player from Iceland.

The friendship he made with Landry Agres led to a phone-call from the player to Landry asking him to cut the hair of his fellow players on the national team during the Euro 2016. Without hesitating, Landry and his team arrived in Marseille and appeared at the hotel where the national team stayed.

The national team of Iceland was the surprise of the Euro 2016 and everybody fell in love with their “haka”. After a second phone-call Landry returned to Paris together with his colleague and friend Jorge de Sancho and the reaction of the media was impressive.

The result of the Euro is well-known to everybody, isn´t it, Cristiano?

Written by Milk San Sebastián